Thought Leadership

The power of representation

In my world, we often speak about the importance of representation. Seeing someone who looks like you, with similar lived experiences, has a strong impact on hopes, dreams and career success. Throughout my entire school and university experience, I never had a Black teacher as

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Black Voices

Vaccine hesitancy a problem for us all

For those choosing not to be vaccinated, it’s time to get answers. My family and I are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — by choice and by requirement. Living through a pandemic and continuing to live with COVID-19 in the community is testing our values, priorities

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Residential school tragedies are not news for Indigenous people
Indigenous Voices

Residential school tragedies are not news for Indigenous people

Recently, non-Indigenous Canadians learned hard truths about our colonial history. Truths about the genocide of Indigenous people and their culture through Canada’s residential schools. We must recognize that our feelings do not compare with those of Indigenous peoples. We need to listen and engage true

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Michele Newton Peterborough Examiner 27 May 2021
Immigrant Voices

Adjustment not easy for immigrant families

As Canadians, many of us may take freedom of choice for granted. In China, where families were only allowed one child for a long time, little freedom of choice exists. At nine years old, Lisa Zhao and her father left China for Canada, searching for

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