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Innisfil’s first Black councillor, says ‘everybody needs to have a voice’

Michèle Newton, a speaker, expert and advocate on inclusion, told Simcoe.com that BIPOC representation in positions of power is crucial.

“Getting diversity in positions where they have the opportunity to affect change, systemic change, is really important,” said Newton, who is also a founder and board member of Making Change.

“It’s certainly wonderful to celebrate having a Black council member in Innisfil,” she said, pointing out “it did take a while.”

“It’s important to recognize that when someone is Black, or white or otherwise, they’re still a mosaic of so many things. And race is a construct that was created.”

Newton added that, while it’s better to move away from defining people by their background, it’s important for others to see diversity in places like council.

“It’s really important for children in the community, regardless of their ethnic background, to see a woman of colour in a position to make change because what you see, you can be,” Newton said.

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